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The difference between thrust ball bearings and deep groove ball bearings

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  With the continuous development of industry, more and more industrial equipment or parts are imported from abroad, which provides great convenience for industrial production activities in the mainland. Among these parts, the bearing is a very important industrial part, and the support effect is improved by the vibration motor installed on some large equipment. Thrust ball bearings and deep groove ball bearings are commonly used bearing types. So what is the difference between these two methods? Let's take a look together below:

  They have different structures. In terms of structure, although the two types of bearings are ball bearings, the basic structure has certain similarities, but the radius of the deep groove ball bearing itself is larger and deeper, so the structure is different.

  Thrust ball bearings and deep groove ball bearings have different application fields. Thrust ball bearings are widely used in industrial machinery fields such as automobiles and machine tool processing, while deep groove ball bearings have been more special applications in petroleum, aerospace, food processing and other industries.

  The above are some differences between push ball bearings and deep groove ball bearings. You can find out if you have any questions or needs, please feel free to consult us!

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