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How to install needle roller bearings

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  When the full needle roller bearing is installed, an auxiliary sleeve is generally used. The auxiliary roller cover or the auxiliary roller cover supports the auxiliary roller cover so that the auxiliary roller cover does not fall off, and the auxiliary roller cover uses its own chamfer to lift the auxiliary roller cover. When the auxiliary roller cover slowly moves inward, the auxiliary roller cover or The secondary roller cover slowly withdraws until the secondary roller cover is installed. The outer diameter of the auxiliary coil and the auxiliary sleeve should be 0.1~0.3mm smaller than the shaft diameter.

  In addition, the needle roller bearing can also be installed in this way. The outer diameter of the auxiliary sleeve is coated with a thin layer of lubricating oil, and it is inserted into the outer ring of the bearing, so that the auxiliary sleeve and the outer ring of the bearing form an annular hole, and then the needle Fit it into the annular hole. After installing the needle, use the working shaft to push out the auxiliary sleeve.

  For needle roller bearings without inner ring and outer ring, a thin layer of grease can be applied to the rolling surface of the shaft hole or housing hole first, and then the roller needles can be attached to the grease on the mounting part in turn. After installing all the needle rollers, leave a gap. The size of the gap should be 0.5mm in circumference of the needle roller bearing.

  For needle roller bearings that are only used for stamping the outer ring, because the outer ring wall is very thin, it cannot be knocked and installed by hand, and should be pressed in with a press. As the pressure is uneven when the hand hammer is hit, it is easy to cause local deformation of the outer ring of the needle roller bearing.

  The above is some related content of how to install needle roller bearings, you can find out!

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